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I love your comment, and I say this because I am in the same metaphorical boat. Hetalia is an anime that is missing one element. There is no true evil in hetalia, save for the slight psychopathic moments each country has under gone.

I feel that the world and historical standing between the two countries leaves a space for a somewhat…. I’ll say abusive, for lack of a better term….relationship. Because no other pairing can offer this without being slightly ooc, this is what they resort to. Scotland is not an official character so they take this into mind and use the possibility of an almost international villain.

This also disgusts me, my grand Scottish ego (that seems to amplify upon itself) goes into an utter state of denial, rage and slight pity. However, this ( I have moved here) is America and everyone is all ’ FREEDOM BITCHES!!!’ So there is not much we can do, save for turn a blind eye.

Although, through this philosophy! there are some who, as with many of their other ships just find it intriguing and slightly kinky (no offense intended to them).

On this note, I also believe that with the exception of a very limited number of people, nobody truly knows about the history and relationships within the United Kingdom. I attend a public school in America, whose mascot (ironically) is a highlander. And even though he may wear the proper historical dress, not even the teachers or administrators knows the first thing about Scottish history and culture. It infuriates me how they parade around seemingly proud of their school, and are so oblivious to its true meaning.

This got extremely off topic and I sincerely apologize for ranting on to you but as the great ‘Captain America’ once said, ” Believe it or not, but it’s kind’ve hard to find someone with shared life experience”. :3 many thanks for allowing me to speak my mind to another who is a little more understanding about this certain topic, and kudos if you were actually able to make it this far into my monologue

Anonymous whispered: Other words to use instead or as a substitute to "Ja" in German. "Genau" ( Means, exactly!) "Jo" (familiar, nothing Ludwig would use.) "Jep" (mostly used by children) "Ja ja (ja)..." (something along the lines; I don't care but I'm saying yes because you want me to and I'm annoyed."I told you 3 times before to clean this up!" "Ja ja. I'm doing it soon." . If you tell it to someone you are pretty rude, can stand for "lick my butt", sometimes ) There are some more but Jo and ja ja are usefull.

Thanks for the info anon

shiningshingeki whispered: Dutch also uses 'Ja' as yes uwu

Thank you for the info.

I have state that the only language I can speak is English.

My pet-peeve is probably ff-advice as well:

"Mathias Køhler"… It just annoys me when people don’t do their research properly. Køhler is in no means Danish it’s a German Surname actually called Köhler (charburner. a lot of German names derive from jobs.) Danish surnames on the other hand (the old ones at least) do not work that way.
Back in the day (1700ish? )
You had a pair : Niels Svensøn (later changed to “sen”) and Kirsten Andersdatter. søn is son (haha) and datter is (daughter). You took the name of the father added a søn or datter. tada surname!
Thus the children’s names would look like this:
Hans Nielsøn
Bert Nielssøn
Botilla Nielsdatter

You understand where I’m going? Køhler is unlikely.
Around the 1800th century every surname was ended with “sen” regardless of gender. a little bit later the surnames where “freezed”.

Anyways. Hansen is one of the most common surnames btw.
 Concerning this:
a 2010 blog post of Himaruya’s, the names Himaruya had suggested to him that he liked for Denmark were Andersen, Christensen, Arnesen, Simon Densen, Abel, Mikkel, Magnus, and Bertram, with “Densen" being the surname he liked.

You’d have to take the “sen” away if you want to make some of them first names (Arne is pretty common, Anders as well I prefer Sven but whatever floats your boat)

my problem with Mathias is actually quite simple. It’s the same name as Matthew. It’s of hebrew origin and means “gift of god” . It says it belonged to the apostle Matthäus? (I’m really not fit in church!)
I just think the same name is annoying and pretty uncreative, not really Danish anyway although it may be that it’s more common these days. I’m not Danish, feel free to correct me.


the author knows British slang, but they are actual swear words with varying levels of offence depending on the context. They are not terms of endearment.

From personal  experience being English living in England. the term `git` isn’t a really swear word. If can sat it in front of your grandparents/teachers and not get in trouble.

Wanker seems to be fairly gendered and aimed at boys and men whilst twat it like `cunt` it bad but more accepted.

Anonymous whispered: Pet peeve: when a writer is too lazy to use a translator so they just take the nation's alphabet and slam their face on the keyboard and then say it translates to something.

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Anonymous whispered: German isn't my native language but Swedish is and we use ja as well; From my experience you say "ja" instead of yes all the time, especially when you're answering a yes/no question.

I don’t speak any language other than English. so this is quite interesting. I did know that Swedish also uses Ja as yes, Thanks this has been enlightening.


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iamwatchingyoufromabush whispered: i saw a thing about where it says that a character would acationally use their own language if speaking in english when they slip up,like 'ja'instead of'yes'(and im guilty of that myself but with spanish),but what about with germany and prussia saying /und/ instead of /and/ because dont they sound similiar?would it be part of their accents?and if saying /father/ would they say /vater/ because they actually sound the same? I am going to say,im no expert in german.

From what i remember in the English dub it’s very common for Germany and Prussia to say Ja instead of Yes and und instead of and. Farther and Vater sound different when spoken. though I think they’d be more likely to use Vater and each other and Austria. If talking to a non German speaking country they wouldn’t say Vater but Farther.

Papa is a term everyone from English speaking and western European countries understand and use to refer to their dad.

People would usually advise against writing Accents out and it could confuse the reader. I’d advise against writing out a heavy accent as it’s hard to read but Ja and Und are just fine.

All clean~

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I rarely used script style when it comes to writing and roleplaying, as I’m more of a lit person.

But with using emoticons for fanfics written like scipts, it takes the RP to a low. It confuses the average readers, as they’re thinking they’re reading text messages instead of fanfics. It’s a script-style fanfic for Pete’s sake!

I never really use script either

In fact, I hate they even have to remind each other to keep it a secret. By now, they should be able to instinctively switch from country names to human names the second a human walks into a room or even when they enter a place with security cameras. 

Anonymous whispered: Hello, this one thing has been bugging me for quite a while. On the wiki it says that Romano is 22-23 and England is 23. When Romano was a child Spain was in his teen years and so was France. You can see France as an adult when him and England find America. Avoiding all of this there is fan art and official pictures showing Romano and America children at the same time. How on earth is this possible?

Probably lack of knowledge on the maker of Hetalia’s part.

Anonymous whispered: The French endearment anon has one more. "Daze" is not a Korean word (or Korean at all). It's like Italy calling Germany "Doitsu" when neither is Japanese. On this topic, South Korea's human name is Im Yong Soo. "Yong Soo" is his first name, not "Im" or "Yong," and "Im" is his last name.

This has been your friendly neighborhood anon reminding to not use `Daze` and to stop having Italy call Germany `Doitsu` when neither are Japanese.

Also Im is Young Soo’s surname and Yong Soo is his first name. 

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