Vietnam’s human name shouldn’t be French. It absolutely offends me every time I see a fic where the author gave Vietnam a French name. One of the most common ones is “Ciel,” which means “sky” in French. Yeah, it’s a nice name, but it’s French.

Historically, the Vietnamese have hated the French with a burning passion. The French colonised Vietnam without the people’s consent and made fucking tire factories out of the fertile rice paddies. The Viet people kicked their sorry French asses out of Vietnam in the French Indochina War so hard that they didn’t try to come back. The Vietnamese people have a very proud, fierce culture. They’re brave, brash, strong-willed, and stubborn. They beat Chinese, French, and American people out of their land, and the world will be damned if the country personification of Vietnam would have a French name.

If you want Vietnam to have a name, make it a legit Vietnamese name, like Mai Thanh Phạm.

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(Source: dinoturtle.deviantart.com)