I am so tired of reading fanfics where Jeanne is portrayed as this soft little girl who’s totally head over heels with France. She lead the French army to victory for fuck’s sake. She was a brave warrior who fought and didn’t stay at home and giggle and oh my GOD. Not to mention that she probably wouldn’t so readily enter in a relationship with Francis, as she was all about fighting in God’s name without the need of worldly desires, INCLUDING giving up having a man, but that in specifics might be considered a shipping peeve.Also there were different standards of relationships and society in general in the 1400’s, I would have hoped someone would guess that France and Jeanne were connected through a WAR, which for some reason is almost entirely skipped.

Secondly, a lot of fanfics (and fanwork in general) portray France as having terrible memories of actually witnessing her burn at the stake, whereas in reality that would be highly unlikely, seeing as she was on trial and executed BY THE ENGLISH. Why France would be there is beyond me. Another thing is that many fanfics portray England as this heartless jackass, blaming him and only him for Jeanne’s death, almost as if he personally did it. This is highly unlikely, as it would have been the English PEOPLE that tried her, not England himself making the decision. And besides, in their eyes she was someone responsible for losses on their side of the war and the deaths of many Englishmen, not to mention that she was declaring that God guided and spoke to her, and going about saying things like that in the Middle Ages didn’t bode so well.

Writers seem to completely forget about the religious aspects of Jeanne too, which is a major part of her role in history. Some writers don’t even know she’s a saint and do horrible things with her, like turning her into a vampire, etc. (Which in itself is disrespectful…I mean guys keep in mind she was a real person who actually did suffer and burn at the stake…)

One fanfic I came across DIDN’T EVEN TAKE THE TIME TO RESEARCH HER IN GENERAL EVEN THOUGH THEY KNEW ONLY THAT 1. SHE WAS A GIRL 2. FRANCE LIKED HER 3.SHE BURNED…SOMEWHERE. Like they actually wrote her burning (and being saved, which just makes me go “…umm…”) in a way as this: townspeople she had been living with IN ENGLAND got angry for no reason and just started to torch her house. And then England saved her because he liked her. AND THEN FOR SOME REASON THE ENGLISH ROYALTY HELPED HER AND LIKED BOTH HER AND FRANCE.


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